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Your life is a Symphony, and you are the instrument of its creation.

Intuitive Homeopathy with Kerry Persad

Your life is your medicine, your stories are your songs, your symptoms are your messengers.  


Your heart is your compass, your intuition is your strength, your possibilities for healing are immeasurable.

Here, your body, mind, and heart’s own self healing ability is honored and trusted.  


Let’s discover them together with love, courage, and homeopathy.


Welcome to Symphony Healing

What I Specialize In

Intuitive Homeopathy

Healing from Trauma

Intuitive Coaching

Special Needs 

Energy Healing

Meet Kerry

Intuitive Homeopath

Hi, I’m Kerry.  I am an Intuitive Homeopath and life long learner and teacher with an insatiable curiosity and desire for knowledge, truth, and beauty in all forms.


My own story has taken me from a much more conventional life and belief system, riddled with limiting beliefs around health, healing, our ability to sense, know, and direct our lives, to one where I experience and know that our ability to heal on every level is far greater than we have been told.

Kerry Persad Homeopath

The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Trust.

Begin Your Journey Today.

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