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Meet Kerry

Intuitive Homeopath


Hi, I’m Kerry.  I am an Intuitive Homeopath and life long learner and teacher with an insatiable curiosity and desire for knowledge, truth, and beauty in all forms.


My own story has taken me from a much more conventional life and belief system, riddled with limiting beliefs around health, healing, our ability to sense, know, and direct our lives, to one where I experience and know that our ability to heal on every level is far greater than we have been told.


I spent my early career as an educator and hold a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education.  I entered the field with a sincere love of children, motivated to contribute positively to the lives of my students.  But what I wanted more than anything was to become a mother.  I couldn’t have known the way that motherhood would change absolutely everything for me and have me reexamining health, healing, and the very world we live in.  I am blessed to be the mother of two incredible children who my husband and I get to learn and heal alongside every day.


So, how did I become an Intuitive Homeopath? 


My son’s arrival into the world was a complicated one that would change us both.  The ensuing years were filled with the joys of watching this beautiful being grow and express his light in the world, which constantly amazed. He shone like the sun.  It was also filled with a confusing spiral of increasing illness, baffling behaviors, delays, diagnoses, fevers, seizures, and an overall slow and steady decline in functioning.  After each "well visit" we were not so well. We stuck to the prescribed schedule of childhood medical procedures.  I even went early for some, because I trusted and believed and did as I was told.  The systems and culture we are steeped in successfully separated me from my intuition, creativity, and innate wisdom.  I was raised, as we all are, to outsource my will and health to experts and authority and not to question.  To go along with the program.  I wouldn't have thought to do my own research, that was the expert's job.  I was just a mom, and I handed him over.


After 3 1/2 years of my son's increasing physical and emotional suffering, something inside of me cracked.  Mama Bear finally woke up.  I read, I researched, I dug into the uncomfortable truths that I didn't want to believe.  I grieved for what had happened to my son, for my role in it, for the loss of the world I thought I lived in.  I had to let my heart break, and break, and break again, so that I could remake myself in the light of truth.  I found that our story was sadly not unique, and not at all rare.  


And above all, I finally started to listen to my intuition, to my internal guidance system, to my heart.


In my constant search for help and healing I discovered Homeopathy, a 200+ year old safe and risk free system of medicine.  There was an instant knowing that this was IT for us.  We met with our first homeopath and began to experience healing, shifts, and vast improvements with ease and peace.  Almost instantly.  It was like magic.  The contrast to what it was like to experience conventional and even alternative medicine was stark.  There was no going back.


We changed the way we lived our daily lives in so many ways.  We expanded what we thought was possible in the breadth of healing.  And we started to truly heal, individually, and as a family.


I went on to study and learn from gifted practitioners in the areas of Energy Healing and Intuitive Homeopathy.  I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Angelica Lemke, ND, both as a client and as a student of the Expansion School of Intuitive Homeopathy, and as a student of the Lotus Health Institute.  During this process I discovered my intuitive abilities and began practicing and creating with Homeopathy.  It's my honor to empower you in utilizing homeopathy and discovering your innate gift of intuition to guide your own healing path.

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